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Closeup of carpet and sheetrock pieces

Focused Attention on Taunton Water Damage Cleanup

When a Taunton condo common area needed commercial water cleanup from a water heater tank failure, SERVPRO technicians arrived quickly to start the cleanup and limit the damage incurred to the structure and contents which affected multiple households.

SERVPRO equipment on wall

Oley Water Damage Cleanup Gets Attention to Detail

When SERVPRO technicians handle water damage cleanup in Oley properties, the use of different types of equipment from locating water within the structure to monitoring the drying process is part of the standard service. 

Hardwood flooring with SERVPRO mat on it

Reading Water Damage on Wood Flooring Gets Restoration Services

SERVPRO came to this Reading home to handle water damage cleanup. As long as the water is category one clean water and the restoration services begin quickly, there is often hope to dry wood flooring in place. The techs put down mats to walk on during the mitigation.

Roof with standing water

SERVPRO Helps Reading Homeowner After Roof Leak Causes Water Damage

After heavy rains caused water damage to this Reading roof, SERVPRO techs applied temporary repairs using a heavy gauge tarp to halt any further water coming into the home.

Ceiling with water spots and exposed insulation

Special Challenges with Commercial Ceiling Water Damage in Reading

This ceiling has commercial water damage in a Reading business, there are many challenges for SERVPRO techs. Locating the water, removal of ceiling tiles for drying, and the possible need to collect insulation. In cases where a  damaged structure is to blame, the techs can perform temporary repairs. 

Roof with blue tarp and ladder against side of home

Reading Roof Gets Temp Repairs After Storm Damage

Stopping further water damage from occurring during the restoration service in this Reading home is a priority. SERVPRO technicians carefully inspect areas outside the cleanup area to determine if there are any emergency repairs needed such as tarping roof damaged by winds from strong storms. 

SERVPRO technician cleaning police van.

SERVPRO Gives Back to First Responders

Tim and Cara Wilson recently thanked local first responders by deep cleaning and disinfecting police vehicles. As the Wilsons said, "They are always available to take care of us, we want to give back in what ways we can to them."

SERVPRO is locally owned and takes pride in being part of the community- in good times and in challenging times.

SERVPRO tech extracting water from an area rug

Safety First During Water Damage Cleanup in Reading

When SERVPRO handles water damage in Reading homes, items like this area rug are very heavy when saturated. The techs extract the water so when they move the rug, it is done without the risk of injury. The powerful centrifugal pumps pull embedded moisture to the surface so drying gets expedited.

Cleaned green carpet in a room with white walls

Reading Detail Cleaning

Regular vacuuming is great for maintaining your Reading carpet, however at least once a year a deep cleaning of your carpets should happen. This process not only sanitizes but refreshes the fibers and can extend the service life of the carpet.

basement with wet concrete floor

Phoenixville Basement with Storm Damage

Storm damage caused water to collect in this unfinished Phoenixville basement. Entering through a joint and running across the floor. This was a late-night call for SERVPRO technicians who extracted and set up drying equipment to put the homeowners’ minds at ease. 

Commercial Water Damage – Reading Business

Commercial water damage at this Reading business was the result of a broken water line. The photo shows the extent of the standing water that was created by the water line break. SERVPRO of Reading is “Faster to any size disaster,” and we provide 24/7 emergency service. This rapid response that we offer minimizes the time and expense involved in cleaning up your water damage disaster.

Water Damage – Reading Home

Water damage to this Reading home’s recreation room was the result of a plumbing failure. The carpeting became soaked from the water damage. SERVPRO of Reading was contacted quickly which allowed for rapid response time to clean up the water. The photo shows commercial air movers and dehumidifiers at work to help dry the carpeting.

Kutztown Sewage Backup

When unsanitary conditions occur from a sewage blockage, use a professional company for safe removal. SERVPRO offers this service to our neighbors in the Kutztown area, and we can respond quickly. We understand the urgency related to protecting your family and contents from hazardous contaminations. We are ready to help 24/7.

Electrical fire causes major damage

In Kutztown an electrical fire was caused by a faulty wire. The homeowner thankfully was not harmed and was able to call us in after the fire department left. We were able to restore his home quickly!

Drying Commercial Facility

The equipment pictured here was placed in this commercial building to dry the excess moisture quickly so that further damage could be prevented after the facility suffered damage from a water loss. If you have a loss like this, give us a call.

Containment Barrier

When your home or business suffers damage from a water or mold loss, the uncontaminated parts of the structure should stay that way. That is why we put containment barriers like this in place so that contaminants don't migrate to unaffected parts of the structure.

Leaking Roof From Storm Damage

When your roof becomes damaged by storms, rain can begin to enter the structure and cause lots of problems for you. That is what happened in this structure. The wet ceiling pictured here is the result of a storm-damaged roof.


When you have a water loss in your business, you need to be back up and running quickly. Call SERVPRO. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to your disaster.

Boarding Up After Fire

When your home or business suffers a large fire, you may find that it is left with openings that can allow in weather, wildlife, and unfortunately, looters. We offer board-up services to help secure your home or business.

Large Fire Loss

This structure was heavily damaged by a large fire and our team was brought in to repair the damage. If your home or business suffers a fire loss like this call SERVPRO. We are faster to any size disaster.

Helping The Fire Department

We like to be active in our community and help where we can. In this image, you can see cases of bottled water which we donated to the local fire department. They were very grateful.

Air Scrubbers Ready To Go

Air scrubbers can be used for a lot of things. You will often see them used on mold jobs to help remove particulates from the air. If you have a mold loss, give us a call!

Dehumidifiers Ready

Dehumidifiers like these are extremely useful in conjunction with other drying equipment such as air movers. They help us to dry up moisture more quickly. This is important so that secondary damage, such as mold, can be prevented after water loss.

Ready For Anything

When you have a disaster, our team is ready.  No matter what time, day or night, you can call us. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Water Damage From Roof Leak

The roof of this home had a leak that was allowing water to intrude and, as you can see, the walls in this image were damaged. If your home has damage like this, call us!

Severe Kitchen Fire

This home suffered heavy damage from a kitchen fire, as you can see from this image. If your home suffers fire damage like this, give us a call. We are faster to any size disaster.

Soot Webs After Fire

These are not spider webs you're seeing. These are soot webs. They form when petroleum-based products in your home burn during a fire. They leave these deposits that look a lot like spider webs.

Water Damage In Basement

Our team was brought in to clean up the damage in this basement after it experienced a water loss. We arrived quickly and got right to work removing the wet, damaged material from the home.

Facility Storm Loss

This facility suffered from water damage after a severe storm.  The storm water was coming in from the roof damage.  The team at SERVPRO was able to dry quickly preventing future damage. 

Storm Damage to Classroom

This classroom suffered from a storm loss.  The classroom had significant amounts of water in the floor.  SERVPRO was able to dry the content of the classroom and dry the floors quickly for school to resume as normal. 

Living Room Water Loss

This living room in this PA home suffered from a water loss.  There was significant amounts of water in the floor.  SERVPRO came in and extracted the water off the floor and used air movers to dry quickly. 

Bathroom Water Loss

This bathroom suffered from a water leak in the ceiling.  The drywall was saturated with water and falling into the tub and floor.  SERVPRO was able to dry the area and restore back to pre water loss. 

Commercial Grease Fire

This commercial kitchen suffered from a small grease fire.  SERVPRO responded and was able to dry the facility after the kitchen had water on the floor from fire fighting efforts.

Commercial Water and Mold Loss

SERVPRO responded to this property to find mold and water damage.  The facility suffered from a water loss.  The wet and moldy drywall and floors were torn out.  They used professional equipment for drying the facility. 

Cleaning Mold Damage

SERVPRO has professional cleaning equipment for any type of restoration emergency.  The team responded to this home for mold remediation.  They were able to clean the mold from the wall, restoring back to pre mold conditions. 

Garage suffering from Fire Damage

This garage suffered from fire damage.  SERVPRO responded and quickly began cleanup.  The content suffered from soot and smoke stains.  They were able to salvage some of the content from the fire. 

House Fire Damage in PA

This home suffered from fire damage to the entire home.  SERVPRO responded to find significant fire damage. The team cleaned the debris from the home and quickly began to restore home back to pre fire conditions. 

Mold Damage in Reading PA

This home suffered from mold damage after a pipe break in the wall.  SERVPRO responded and quickly assessed the situation.  They treated the area and cleaned professionally to prevent future damages. 

PA Fire Damage

This home suffered from significant fire damage.  The home had large amounts of smoke and soot stains.  SERVPRO responded and tore the home down to the studs and restored to pre fire conditions. 

Board up after Fire

SERVPRO responded after fire fighting efforts to this building fire.  The team cleaned debris and  boarded up the structure.  If you have a fire contact us anytime 24/7 for your restoration emergency. 

Fire Damage to Building in PA

This building suffered from significant loss after a fire.  The building had soot and smoke stains. SERVPRO of Reading responded and began cleaning the stains from the building and restoring to pre fire conditions. 

Commercial Storm Ceiling Damage

The team at SERVPRO responded to this commercial building after a severe storm hit Reading, PA.  They responded with a Disaster Recovery Team to tackle the Commercial large storm loss.  Contact us after your storm loss.  

Living Room suffered from Storm Damage

After a severe storm this living room suffered from water damage to the ceiling and floor.  SERVPRO removed flooring and ceiling and used professional drying equipment to dry the room quickly. 

Ceiling Damage after Storm

This ceiling suffered from water damage after a storm.  SERVPRO responded and began to scrap the ceiling removing the ceiling tiles.  They replaced the ceiling tiles restoring back to pre storm conditions. 

Storm Damage Loss

This building suffered from a loss after a severe storm hit the building causing a ceiling water leak.  SERVPRO responded and began clean up procedures.  Contact us for your restoration emergency. 

Commercial Building Water Loss

This building suffered from a severe water loss.  The property had significant amounts of water in the floor.  SERVPRO responded and quickly began to extract the water and remove carpet to dry preventing further damages. 

Home suffering from Mold Damage

This home had significant amounts of mold.  SERVPRO responded immediately and began to access the area. The team has professional equipment and cleaning techniques to treat and cleaned the home professionally. 

Commercial Water Loss

This facility had a lot of water damage. As you can see the carpet was extremely wet when SERVPRO arrived. If you have any questions about what to do with a water loss, feel free to contact us at anytime. 

Large commercial water loss

SERVPRO was called to respond to this commercial water loss. Our team was quick to respond and begin the extraction process. Once all of the water was removed we were able to get drying equipment in place and the building ready to be back open. 

Water damage cleanup

SERVPRO was called to help cleanup and dry this water loss. Once on site, we quickly extracted all of the water, and then got green drying equipment in place. After a few days, we had all of the drying complete and ready for rebuild. 

Mold in basement

SERVPRO of Reading was called to treat this mold growing in a basementOnce on site our team evaluated the situation and began the cleaning process. If you have any questions about mold damage restoration, feel free to contact us at anytime. 

Mold growing in kitchen

SERVPRO was called to evaluate this mold job. Our team got on site and started the testing process. Once the results of the test were we returned, we were able to remove and clean the area where that was affected. 

Drying with Mats

SERVPRO was called to help dry these wood floors. Using our mat system, we were quickly able to get all of the water extracted and the floors dry without further damage. Our team does everything we can to mitigate versus replace. 

Commercial Water Loss

Here is a picture of our team handling a commercial water loss. We are quick to respond and begin the extraction process. It is important to get all of the water up immediately to prevent secondary damages from happening. 

Our team is available 24/7

If you have a water loss in your home, our team is available 24/7, 365 days a year. We arrive quickly and begin the extraction process to minimize secondary damages. Once the water is extracted, we can begin the drying process. 

Mold in home

This home had significant mold damage. SERVPRO was on site immediately and had an Environmental Hygienist to test the microbial growth. Once the growth was determined, the restoration process was given to SERVPRO to complete the mitigation process from start to finish.

Our new equipment

Did you know SERVPRO uses Green products? Some of our most notable green cleaning products include Window Green Clean. All Surface Green Clean, and Carpet & Upholstery Green Clean. There is about 10 products in our cleaning line that are considered environmentally friendly. 

Cleaning products

Did you know SERVPRO uses Green products? Some of our most notable green cleaning products include Window Green Clean. All Surface Green Clean, and Carpet & Upholstery Green Clean. There is about 10 products in our cleaning line that are considered environmentally friendly. 

No job too big or small for SERVPRO! We do commercial restoration as well as residential.

Drying out a large commercial water damage in Tamaqua, PA.  The drywall was saturated since the leak occurred from the third floor and trickled down.  Therefore, we injected airflow behind the drywall to dry inside.

Call SERVPRO for soot removal!

This before and after picture was taking at a house in Pinegrove, PA. There was soot and odor on the door on the left and the picture on the left was after SERVPRO removed the soot. 

New Vehicles to visit the market

SERVPRO of Reading has new and improved vehicles, for our marketing team and our crew. The van pictured above is getting painted this upcoming week stay tune for an after picture.  Keep an eye out for our team around town!